Group show at the The Dot Project in Chelsea, London. Featuring works by Richie Culver, Matthew F Fisher, Elliot Fox, Albert Riera Galceran, Reuben Beren James, Jonathan Lux and Konrad Wyrebek. Curated by India Whalley, Lara Monro and Marta Szymura.

‘88 key face’ Acrylic on canvas. 2018.

“Are there particular motivations behind your use of the colour pink?”

Not particularly, I would say I use colour aesthetically rather than conceptually in most cases. I group pink with other soft colours which frequent my work. The motivation behind using a softer palette is to utilize the way these colours contrast with what I’d class as a bolder palette; the aim being to affect your optical experience. Saying that, pink can fall into both of these palettes. In short, the motivations of using pink most likely depend on how the pink will interact with the other colours that are already present in the work.

“What do you associate with the colour pink when you apply it to your practice?”

I would hold more association to the characteristic of the paint itself. I like to use flat matte paints alongside glossy and metallic colours which I feel reflects certain industrial process’ I want to represent within my work.

“Do you agree that in art the shade pink can be used as a tool to subvert and distort its traditional cultural associations?”

I agree it can be – depending on what traditional cultural associations you hold to it. I realize that the use of pink in my work, which discuss ideas surrounding masculinity, could be seen to subvert these traditional ideas. I don’t feel this is a conscious and deliberate ploy on my behalf, but if people want to apply this narrative to my work as a viewer, then it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve always been interested in laying foundations in my work that can allow people to draw different conclusions – That’s half the fun.

‘English Rose’ Acrylic on canvas. 2018.