“Short Lived”is a presentation of sculptural works by eight emerging artists/collectives, curated by independent curator Georgia Stephenson. This includes Charlotte Cullen, F.A.F Collective, Elliot Fox, Celeste McEvoy, Sarah Roberts, Yuli Serfaty, Oona Wilkinson and Rosalind Wilson.

Selected works explore how the conditions we find ourselves in force us to adapt. Be that as artists and the practice we develop, or as citizens and the relationships we build with spaces, objects, and each other. Exhibited sculptures will ask, how long can we stay, how much can we keep and who is it that ultimately decides?

“The sun is gone. The night is sharp and sparkly and a drag of a ciggarette feels like the pinch of a speculum. You’ve been drinking on a bad mood, surrounded by people you slightly loathe. All night lie after lie has slid through your teeth and now you feel indignant and repulsed with yourself. The fastest way home is an eighteen-minute walk along the cycle path that curves away from residential streets, inbetween the waste incineration plant, under the tunnels of two other train lines and past the football stadium. Usually at this time, you’d focus on the pool of pale peach light at the end of the path. Rush to its warm glow. Call your mum. She’s scold you for walking that way again, but it’d be fine because you were on the other side now. Skipping past late-night bingers or tired shift workers. But tonight there is no peachy promise because the streetlights are out. The tunnels are deep. There is only the dread of darkness. You hear the hum of your own selfish, stupid blood as you step forwards, one foot in front of the other.” Exerpt from curator Georgia Stephenson’s exhibition text.