Scratching a Different Itch solo exhibition at the Golborne gallery in Notting Hill, London. Open October 6th - 28th 2017.

Install shots of Scratching a Different Itch, 2017. Photography by Alex Sainsbury.

Elliot Fox’s new show ‘Scratching A Different Itch’ explores the tangible elements of growing up as a bloke. The show incorporates a host of steel works alongside a series of vividly scrawled paintings, which see the 25-year-old embrace both the robust and the radiant elements of young adulthood in equal measure.

The 26-year-old’s affinity with painting began at a young age, where he’d often be found doodling pictures of his footballing heroes. Over the years, that passion eventually progressed into a move to London, where Elliot would study at Camberwell to complete his degree in painting.

The motifs behind the exhibition are a product of their environment, with Fox stating that the materials - taken from the industrial heartland of South London - “reflect the setting in which the ideas for the work were originally conceived.”

His latest showcase dips into the subconsciousness of masculinity, with the show features brightly squiggled numerals, symbols and keys amidst verdant pastel palettes and tactile mixed media. The pixelation on display is a nod towards Fox’s merging of digital and analogue landscapes, seen throughout his work to date.

The bold iconography may appear loose and stripped back on surface level, ‘Scratching A Different Itch’ contains an underlying, every-day aesthetic throughout.

‘Scratching A Different Itch’ is as pragmatic as a big bag of cans on a warm summer afternoon, whilst also offering up evocative touches of after-hour pheromones archetypal of adolescence.

Foreword by Jacob Davey.

‘Scratching a Different Itch’ Acrylic on canvas. 2017.

Install shots of Scratching a Different Itch, 2017. Photography by Alex Sainsbury.