Opening exhibition was group show at Changing Room Gallery in London between 1st - 14th June 2021, bringing together eight artists working across a range of disciplines. Featuring Lucy Gregory, Maria Mahfooz, FOCM, Celeste McEvoy, Anousha Payne, Alfie Rouy and Salomé Wu.

‘Neolithic, Neoliberal, Neolithium’ Install shots.

Install shot from ‘Opening Exhibition’

“Changing Room Gallery presents their Opening Exhibition, a group exhibition which brings togerther a collection of carefully curated emerging and established artists. Changing Room Gallery seeks to change what we know a gallery to be and how we know art to be seen. In a time when creatives are consciously and continually adapting, Changing Room is a gallery that does the same.  
‘Live, Earth, Neutral’ 400 x 360 x 220 mm. Aluminium, Mirror, Digital Painting on Perforated PVC, Ink transfer on Fabriano, High Density Foam and Spray paint.

Live, Earth, Neutral’ is a wall mounted sculpture discussing the relationship between the industrial and neolithic histories of West Cornwall and how they interact witht the natural landscape around them.

‘Neolithic, Neoliberal, Neolithium’ Archival Images. Aluminium, Steel, MDF, Acrylic, Spray, Reflective Meterial, Resin, High Density Foam, Glass, Perspex, Motor, LED Lights, Mirror. 2021.

‘Neolithic, Neoliberal, Neolithium’ First exhibited at Changing Room Gallery is a work exploring the past, present and future of the area of West Cornwall and it’s cultural identities throughtout this timeframe. The Neolithic is discussed - as it is in the work ‘Live Earth Neutral’ through the recreation of various landmarks that are present in these works. The use of model making acts as a reference to this quasi-factual or almost folkloric aspect to the approach of documentation of these subjects. The Neoliberal understands how the influx of new industries such as tourism into the area replaced existing industries such as mining and fishing which dominated which dominated the region and whose legacy still adornes the landscape today. Neolithium discusses the hope of future opportunities and the prospect of regenerating the aformentioned industries through the race for lithium - deposits of which have been found in the existing mines. The potential for a new and ecologically minded industries offer a different future for the area.